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Thursday, July 7, 2011

J-Fest 2011: Celebrate Good Times

Junius takes after his mom when it comes to celebrating birthday -- counting down for months in advance and then extending the party as long as humanly possible. And why shouldn't we? No matter how old you get, having a birthday is always better than the alternative, so you might as well make it worthwhile.

If you thought that J-Fest was just a blogging activity, you'd be wrong. We've actually been celebrating Junius and his birthday in various ways since the last week of June. Not cake and candles every day, but doing a variety of things specially for him.

Here are five ways Junius is celebrating his 6th birthday:
  1. Cupcakes at school: Even though he goes to a year-round elementary school, he's still tracked out in July. So we took cupcakes to share with his classmates on the last day of school -- he got to wear the birthday crown and have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him in the cafeteria.
  2. Touring the museum: Junius loves a museum. I'm not always sure why, but I think it just seems a little exotic to him. So on July 4th, we took our patriotic selves downtown to the NC Museum of History -- armed with an activity pack from the front desk, we explored our state's history from the American Indians to the NC Sports Hall of Fame (including a look at Richard Petty's race car).
  3. Camping at the beach:We took our first family-of-four camping trip at the beach this week (see photo, with more posts to come next week). Junius has been begging for all of us to go, so this seemed like the perfect time to grant his request. We also came home a little earlier than planned, so Junius and I snuck in some free bowling at Sparians, a bonus trip to Marbles and a lunch date at Bruegger's.
  4. Sleepover with "cousins": One of our most favorite families recently moved away, but they're making the trip back to town for our celebrations. That means we get a bonus party with Ms. B and our fake cousins, who will be spending the night at our house. Hoping he enjoys the sleepover with pretty girls when he's six because it won't be happening when he's turning 16.
  5. Movie party with friends: The official party on his official day will include taking Junius and his closest friends to see Cars 2 at the movie theater. Nothing like a row full of 6-year-old boys and girls to make a movie extra entertaining. And of course, there will be cake -- which Junius and I are attempting to make together for the first time. (Yikes.)
Hope your birthday celebrations are just as awesome! And if you've missed the first few days of J-Fest 2011, check out these posts:

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  1. This year I was lax in checking Anna's "parent pocket" at school, and missed the note asking whether we were bringing cupcakes in for her birthday. Then, because she only had school the day before her birthday, I didn't bring any in. When she came home she reported with delight that her teachers had made them for her, and thrown a little party. They got a nice thank you card for saving the day for me.


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