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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's 5: Selecting Hats

Because I can't seem to make my wound heal any faster (turns out I've got a staph infection, so I'm taking an antibiotic FOUR TIMES A DAY FOR TEN DAYS), I'm focusing now on how to prevent any more skin damage. I've decided it's finally time to embrace the hat.

So I ordered five hats from Zappos. Just as Zappos' return policy is genius for online shoe ordering, it is equally brilliant for selecting hats. Now I need some advice from you on which ones to keep. But first, a few caveats...
  • I took these photos myself, which was a little tricky given how big the brims are on some of these hats. My arms are long, but they're not Inspector-Gadget-long or anything.
  • With the lump of bandage on my forehead, I can't get the hats all the way down on my enormous head. And when I try to do it anyway, it hurts. We'll just have to pretend for now.
  • Looking at pictures of myself is one of my least favorite activities. Let's just focus on the hats, shall we?
And here, in order of brim size (more or less), are the hats:

1. Lightweight bucket hat: I love the super lightweight fabric on this hat -- some kind of magical Columbia sportswear fabric. The brim is smaller in the back, so it doesn't bump against my neck. And if I could actually pull it down on my forehead, I think it will give more shade in the front. Is the color too bright? Or cute and summery? Maybe hard to tell online.

2. Big brim bucket hat: I'm just going to go ahead and tell you, this hat is going back. It looks so terrible on my that I couldn't even get a decent picture. It's too shallow and won't sit down far enough on my big ol' head, even without the bandage. A shame, really, because it seems very pack-able.

3. Taupe ribbon hat: I had high hopes for this hat, but it just doesn't seem right. Not sure why, but I couldn't get it to bend evenly  so that it would sit straight. But the little ribbon lines are very cute, so maybe it's worth trying?

4. Tan ribbon hat: Much easier to bend than #3, this hat is very light and has a bendable wire edge to help it hold its shape. But is the color too light for my pale skin?

5. XL brim brown hat: This hat is so big that I honestly wasn't sure I could capture it all in the picture -- it shades not only my face, but also my entire shoulders. When I put it on the first time, Pippi stopped in her tracks and said breathlessly, "Mommy! That hat is FANCY!" I want to believe it's very Audrey Hepburn, but someone else in my house (who will remain nameless) made sombrero references when I pulled it out of the box. Too much? Or just the sort of glamour my poor head needs?

Okay, readers -- help me out here. What do I keep and what do I return? Or if you've got better hat options I should consider, leave me some links in the comments.


  1. I love numbers 1 and 4! Super cute. Hats are just fun, so why not have fun!?

  2. I'm with Pippi -- definitely number 5. It makes you look very Audrey. The darker color really frames your face well. Plus, you can't beat having your shoulders and chest gain additional sun protection.

    Of course, one issue I've had with any and all hats at the beach (if you're going to the beach) is that they blow. Perhaps wrap a scarf around the band area and then pull the ends down around your chin a la Scarlet O'Hara.

    My summer hat of choice is a woven fedora. I found the gray Ben Sherman awesomeness in the men's department of Marshall's.


  3. Keep 1 and 5, send the rest back. I LOVE the orange (bonus - I've heard it's the in color this summer).

  4. 1 and 5. Without a doubt. You look sassy and glam.

  5. I don't hate any of them. I like 2 the least, but it might be the bandage. I think you would use 1, 3 or 4 (they are very similar in the picture) and 5 for different things. So I think you should keep 3 of them. By the way, I just bought Sharon this hat called a Wallaroo (online or at REI). They are packable and such and really comfortable. I ended up getting one, too! If you are still looking for hats, you should try some of them on.

  6. Yep, I really love 1...maybe you could order it in more than one color?

    Oh, and I'm on abx for mastitis...same thing...every 6 hrs for 10 days and no eating or drinking 2-3 hours before or 1 hour after taking the pill. Good diet for me. :)

    Added bonus: gives me a valid excuse to stay up late at night to take that last pill.

  7. 1 and 4! 1 is a sure winner. Perhaps a hat with a tie on ribbon appropriate for convertible wearing? Katherine Hepburn I'm thinking.

    Boo Staph.

  8. Definitely keep 1, you look great in it! I agree with the suggestion you get it in other colors too--because, yes, you are that cute in it. I don't think I need to mention 2, it just isn't working for you. Yes to 3, it looks cute and you don't have to control how it falls, it works. I agree that 4 doesn't work with your skin tone (I have the same skin and the same problem). It's true 5 is fancy and fabulous, but you will never wear it. Really, leave the tag on and in two years it will still be there. Unless you are willing to give this to your daughter for dress up, it needs to go back. There you have it. Hope your noggin recovers soon. Take care. (And for God's sake, wear the sunscreen!!!)

  9. I love hat #1 for every day. Return the others and get more in other colors, both fun and neutral.

  10. I am a fan of #1 & #4. I think #4 is a perfect everyday hat, and #4 would be lovely with a summer sundress.

  11. oops! I meant #1 is a perfect everyday hat.

  12. I'd keep both 1 and 5. You could wear them for different outings. I believe hats are awesome. I wear a hat most of the time and have been loving San Diego Hat Compnay.

  13. I love 1, and I love the look of 5 but think it might be too glam for every day, though this could just be a reflection of my own boring wardrobe. I'd love 4 if it were in a bolder color. You look fantastic in the #1 color. Smart, funny, AND adorable. Sorry about the complication, ugh.


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