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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

J-Fest 2011: A Few of His Favorite Things

One of the funny things about having kids is watching them turn into people. As in, actual people with their own opinions and attitudes about everything on the planet.

I realize this might seem blindingly obvious, but somehow it startled me when Junius didn't like the clothes I picked for him. Or when he'd refuse to eat something that I knew for a fact to be delicious because he had decided he didn't like it.

What I'm most curious about is to see which of his opinions stick and which ones evolve over his lifetime. So in order to capture what he liked best as a five year-old (or at least on this particular day), here's a list of favorites according to Junius:
  1. Favorite sport: Hockey
    This one I could have guessed. Ever since his dad took him to his first Hurricanes game, Junius can't get enough of hockey -- whether he's watching live, watching TiVo or playing in the driveway.
  2. Favorite place: Beach
    Genetically speaking, there's no chance he could have preferred anywhere else. Thank goodness we didn't cancel each other and give birth to a mountain boy instead.
  3. Favorite toy: Cars cars
    For those of you without little boys, that means his collection of toy cars from the movie "Cars." He has at least four different Lightning McQueens, plus an assortment of everyone else.
  4. Favorite color: Dark blue
    This one I'm questioning. I think his favorite color is actually red, but perhaps he's picking dark blue just to annoy me. At least he doesn't have a Duke t-shirt.
  5. Favorite food: Hot dogs
    I know they're not the world's healthiest food, but they're damn tasty -- especially grilled or served at a baseball game. He likes his with ketchup and a bun.
Tomorrow find out about all our celebrations during J-Fest 2011 as we prepare for the big day!


  1. Hmmmm...that dark (Duke) blue shirt might be a-coming. :)

  2. The depth of obsession with the Cars cars amazes me. CC loves them because they have eyes. I'm considering painting all the windshields of his Hotwheels white and adding pupils to them too. Heck of a lot cheaper than the Cars cars :)


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