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Monday, July 18, 2011

Costumes: Not Just for Halloween Anymore

My kids can get some serious mileage out of a Halloween costume. It's not unusual for Junius, Pippi and friends to appear downstairs in a combination of Spiderman, Batman and Buzz Lightyear costumes with a couple of ballerina-fairy-princesses thrown in for good measure.

But today, Pippi took the costume recycling to a new level.

This was Junius on Halloween in 2006, when he was 15 months old:

This was Pippi earlier today, at age 3:

Giggle, giggle, quack!


  1. That costume is so cute! Pippi looks adorable, but Junius was downright edible back in the day. After a recent "naptime" I found L in S's halloween costume from when she was 2 months old. Yes, months. It was a sack shaped like a banana and L had stretched it over himself, taking it out of the box of the few sentimental objects I'm saving.

  2. I think I just said "SQUEEEE!" out loud to myself.

    My kids wear costumes all the time, we have 2 enormous bins full of them! In November you can get them from 75-90% off at target. I stock up for Xmas gifts.

  3. That is the CUTEST thing. Oh the little duck feet. HEEHEE.


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