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Monday, July 4, 2011

J-Fest 2011: Mr. Big Stuff

Junius turns six this week. That means it's time for J-Fest 2011!

Did I mention he's (gasp) six?

He's changed so much in the past year -- although I sometimes miss his little, round baby self, it's absolutely incredible watching him grow up. 

So rather than write about how ridiculous it is that he seems so big, I'm going to give you a list of really cool new accomplishments of the past year.
  1. Reading: My boy can read. Not in a jump-into-a-novel-totally-fluent kind of way, but in a understand-that-sign-and-read-to-my-sister kind of way. As a book geek, I'm in complete and total love with watching him read.
  2. Writing: Not only can he read, he's also learning to spell. He writes the sweetest notes, like "I luve you Mommy" and "My dad is the best." Clearly he's on the path to a great career in marketing and public relations.
  3. Math: After school one day, Junius came home and asked me, "Mom! Did you know? That if you take two? And add another two? You get FOUR?!" He was amazed at the concept and I still grin when I watch him calculate.
  4. Basketball/Baseball: Junius participated in his first two team sports this year -- winter basketball  and spring baseball. It's possible that his favorite part was the uniforms (he's still wearing that basketball jersey), but he worked hard, learned a lot and joined his teams with a smile.
  5. TiVo remote: Okay, I realize I'm admitting one of my less-than-stellar parenting techniques with this one, but the fact that Junius can operate our TiVo remote has revolutionized mornings at our house. Both kids wake up at 6 a.m. Every. Single. Day. So if Junius can come downstairs with Pippi, get their milk cups out of the fridge and find an age-appropriate show via TiVo, Netflix Instantly or general television, that buys us an extra 30 minutes in bed. 

More J-Fest 2011 lists will be coming the rest of the week -- hope you enjoy celebrating with us! For his official birth announcement press release, click here.

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    1. My Genius is 6yo as well, and I am just as impressed with all these things as well!
      6 is so, so big boy.


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