My Convertible Life

About Me

Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, part-time employee -- blogging to remember how to write something other than Facebook status updates, press releases and education research reports.

Junius (almost 10) and Pippi (7) occupy most of my time, which is often fun, sometimes exhausting and usually entertaining. Their names have been changed to protect their innocence -- I'm trying to keep them that way as long as possible.

I'm a Tar Heel (almost) born and bred. A former English teacher turned public education advocate. A card-carrying member of the grammar police, but I promise not to hit you with my AP Stylebook.

Find out how I became the Convertible Girl and why my kids have such silly nicknames, then sit back and enjoy reading along with the top down. If the blog posts are too long, try following me on Twitter @convertiblelife. Or you can reach me through good ol' fashioned email at juniandpip [at] gmail [dot] com.