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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Most Amazing Gift

Five minutes. That's about how old this baby was when I held him for the first time. The freshest baby I've ever had in my arms -- and he's not even mine.

Junius and Pippi were at least two hours old by the time I got to cradle them, count their toes, marvel at their tiny, long fingers. That's among the crazy things about having a c-section -- during those first precious hours, you're still flat on your back in the operating room and recovery while someone else is taking care of the tiny person they just pulled out of your body.

Then last week, I got to be that "someone else" for my dear friend S, who asked me to follow her sweet baby boy from delivery to recovery to take pictures of him. As someone who's had two c-sections, I knew something of what my friend was thinking about while strapped onto that operating table -- but she may never fully know the amazing gift she gave to me by inviting me into those first minutes and hours with her son.

In many ways, it was just hospital routines -- checking his reflexes and vital signs, cleaning him up, poking at him, warming him under the little heat lamp. But for me, it was this magical missing piece that I'd never seen before. This beautiful baby will never remember that I was the one there with him during his first hour, but I will never forget.


  1. So. One picture huh? That seems fair. It's a lovely moment, can we see some more?

  2. The only thing I didn't like about delivering via c-section was that I was not the first person to hold my baby. I did not think that was fair, after 37 weeks of carrying her. LOL My hubby and I had a deal that NO ONE but him and/or the nurses was to hold her before I did. The grandparents were all there, and I knew they'd want to get their hands on her.

    How wonderful that you could be there for your friend, and enjoy such a moment!


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