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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Five: Friendship

Remember making these bracelets as a kid? Then exchanging them and wearing them as a sign of your friendship? When you get to be an adult, sometimes the friend symbols aren't always so obvious.

But as much as I've complained about how hard it is to date women, I've been outrageously blessed with wonderful friends throughout my life. Just this past week, I've had plenty of reminders to be thankful for girlfriends. So to all the ladies on this list and the many more I don't see often enough, thank you!

Here are five signs (based on experiences this week) that you've found some friends worth holding onto:

  1. Even though she's suffering from newborn exhaustion and c-section recovery, your friend still notices and compliments you on your new haircut.
  2. After your son leaves for kindergarten for the first time, she stops by with a hug, a card and a Cherry Coke Zero.
  3. When you call the night before to see if she could watch your child for a couple of hours, she says "We'd love to!" and means it.
  4. She invites you to spend the weekend with her at the beach -- year after year -- and lets you bring your husband, your children and all your craziness, too.
  5. She's the only person allowed to call you as early as 7 a.m., just to check in about the day or to chat with your children.

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  1. I could add many more signs to that list. It's a wonderful feeling having friends who love you unconditionally. And so important.


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