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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Kindergarten

A popular blogging feature is "Wordless Wednesday" -- posting a photo that tells its own story without explanation. I can't promise mine will be completely word-free, but today seemed like a good day to try it out....


  1. aww they grow up so fast! Right now that back pack is huge for him but in not time he'll need a bigger backpack! LOL!!

  2. That's 2 posts in a row that made me tear up!

  3. Oh, how sweet!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Those were the days, when life was so simple...

  5. How'd you do, mommy? And what did he say when he came home???? I don't know how many boxes of tissues I went through - but I'm that way...


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