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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's 5: Famous Cities

Lots of cities have nicknames that link them to more famous places. Carrboro, NC, is known (at least to those who love it) as "the Paris of the Piedmont." Greenville, NC, gets called (at least by those who went to ECU) "the Emerald City."

But there are a plethora of towns, mostly small, across the state that share their actual name with a better-known locale. We've got Denver, Dallas, Nashville, Washington, Plymouth and more that you might first associate with other states across America. 

But it doesn't stop with national names. Here are five NC towns that (unless you're really from 'round here) you probably think of as being somewhere else altogether:
  1. Bolivia: South American country between Brazil and Argentina or town (pop. 148 in the 2000 census) we pass on our way to the beach?
  2. Warsaw: capital city of Poland or another town we pass on our way to the beach (and home of the oldest consecutive veterans day celebration in America)?
  3. Oxford: home of the prestigious English university or a town about 30 miles north of Raleigh?
  4. Turkey: Eurasian republic west of Iran or downeast town with 98 households (according to the 2000 census)?
  5. Eden: Biblical garden or Piedmont city with three downtowns?
How about you -- what's your favorite shared-name city?


  1. I hate to say this, but there are geocaches about this particular topic.

  2. I don't know bunk about my own state of NH, but I do know that Maine has:


    The way New England works, probably all of its states have towns with the same names, they seem to recycle a LOT up here. Lazy Pilgrims.


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