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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday's Five: Non-Fancy Books

Going to the library with two kids is always an adventure -- usually starts out fun and ends with me grabbing Pippi's hand and hustling us all out of the building before we get yelled at for breaking the self-scanners at the check-out station.

When both kids were little, I just picked out books that I liked and they didn't know the difference. Now they have opinions and special requests (like Junius asking the librarian for anything about Buzz Lightyear), so I never quite know what we'll bring home. Lately, it's been a lot of superhero books (like Spider Man) for Junius and a LOT of Fancy Nancy for Pippi. Don't get me wrong -- I think Fancy Nancy books are very cute and I know I would have loved them as a little girl, I just get tired of reading "Bonjour, Butterfly" 872 times a day. If we're going to read French, I'd rather read my copy of Olivia that I brought back from Paris.

So, here are five books that I've really enjoyed reading with Pippi lately when I can peel her away from Fancy Nancy:

  1. The Old Woman and the Wave by Shelley Jackson: I love everything about this book -- the illustrations, the story, the imagination, the message, everything. I don't want to give anything away, but it involves an old woman who has lived her whole life in the shadow of a huge wave, while the wave secretly loves the old woman and her dog.
  2. Ish by Peter Reynolds: This adorable little book shows what happens when a child stops trying to draw perfect pictures and just focuses on the "-ish." And it has a character named Marisol, so we like it because we have a friend named Marisol, too.
  3. Once Upon a Twice by Denise Doyen and Barry Moser: This Jabberwocky-like book is so fun to read aloud. It calls out for a live performance, but my bedside reading will have to suffice for now. Clever language, beautiful illustrations and a great message for an adventurous toddler, this is another one at the top of my list.
  4. Owen by Kevin Henkes: When I first started this book, I wasn't so sure I'd like it. I'm tired enough of strangers telling me that Pippi is "too big for that pacie" as they pull it out of her mouth -- so I wasn't too keen on Owen's pushy neighbor trying to break him of his blanket. Thankfully, his mother saves the day with a much better answer -- and the little blankie (Fuzzy) is so sweet. And we know two Owens, so it's even more fun.
  5. Jazzmatazz! by Stephanie Calmenson and Bruce Degen: This book is just good ol' silly, musical fun. Pippi starts singing it even weeks after we've returned it from the library. Another chance for me to enjoy the happy audience of a two-year-old as we make up songs along with a jazz-playing mouse and his friends.
What about you? What books are using to keep your kids reading things that you like, too?

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  1. I am so glad that I came across this one. Well written and well presented.
    Keep it up!


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