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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meal Planning -- Mid-Year Report

Amazingly enough, meal planning has become such a regular routine (after a year and a half) that I missed my first quarter report. So here's a summary for the first half of 2010 -- not that you're really interested in what we ate, but I'm still just so damn proud that I'm actually meal planning.

As usual, we ate plenty of frozen pizzas (16) and skillet meals (14). We also ate out 21 times, plus 11 dinners at parties and nine dinners out of town. Our most popular homemade meals included various chicken dishes (16), pork tenderloin (11), sweet potato and black bean casserole (7), tilapia (7) and salsa chicken skillet (7). I'm strangely proud that hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches showed up fewer than five times each.

This summer we're adding new items to the menu in order to use our Produce Box, including the simple and delicious caprese salad and my favorite chickpea salad. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll get permission to share my friend's secret family orzo salad recipe next week -- stay tuned.

Image (along with some really tasty recipes) found at

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