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Monday, July 5, 2010

J-Fest 2010: Things Junius Loves to Do

Junius Fest 2010 has begun!

For those of you who remember Junius Fest 2009, you'll recall that Juni does not limit his birthday celebrations to just one day. His father blames me for that -- I think it's a combination of good planning and some strong genetic code. Either way, the party has already started, courtesy of a weekend visit from Nonna and Grandpa, complete with complicated Buzz Lightyear and Zurg Lego gifts (see photo of assembly in process).

In honor of the fact that Junius is turning five (gasp!) on Thursday, I'll be posting Friday Fives about him all week. Today, five things he loves to do that I hope he never stops doing:
  1. Dancing to any music: Today at the pool, he was rockin' out to the 80s lunch program on the radio while he waited for rest period to end. Ever since he was old enough to stand, he's been incapable of hearing music without a little bounce and boogie. I hope he'll always feel music that way and be free enough to show it.
  2. Playing happily with his grandparents and his daddy: Junius loves some one-on-one time. He'll play just about anything -- cars, Legos, baseball, basketball, hockey, cards -- in order to get his grandparents or parents to spend time playing with him. I hope he'll always want to spend quality time with us -- and that we always remember to make that time.
  3. Creating imaginary worlds: Whether he's playing by himself or with a friend, Junius can dream up elaborate events and locations and set them in motion. I hope his mind always finds creative solutions and lets him see what could be instead only seeing what is.
  4. Loving books: He's not reading yet, but he's got all the signs of someone who could become a voracious reader. Since he was a baby, he's always been happy to sit still for someone to read to him. I hope he'll always find comfort, excitement, ideas and challenges in books.
  5. Watching out for his sister: They fight like any other siblings (particularly when she whacks him on the head with one of his toys and then runs off with it), but Junius loves Pippi. From the first day he met her, he's been the one who could make her laugh the most and he loves being the big brother. I hope they always have a special bond and remember to watch out for each other.

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  1. One of my favorite memories is of Junius & Jordan playing in their "offices" that they dug in the sand at the beach the summer they were three. It was all his idea, but she loved it. :)


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