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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On Friday, I go back to my dermatologist.

Thanks to my (ahem) delicate skin, she keeps me on a pretty short leash – every six months, I’m in her office for a skin scan.

If you haven’t had a full body scan with the dermatologist, then you might not know that they check everywhere. Even places where the sun literally doesn’t shine.

My dermatologist is blessedly fast, with a light touch and a chatty demeanor, which makes it all go by more quickly. But I’m really dreading this trip. Dreading the idea that she might find another basal cell lurking beneath another ordinary looking pimple on my face.

I’m not ready to do this again:

But I’ll be there anyway. With my fingers and toes crossed. Until she looks between them for skin anomalies, that is.

Because you know what’s even worse than that surgery pictured above?

Letting a basal cell run its course like one of these.

* * *
If you actually clicked that last link, you'll understand when I tell you that I had intended to put a real shocker of a photo in this post -- but I couldn't do it. I wanted to show you what happens when you let a basal cell eat away at your skin for years and years untreated. But the pictures that I found -- just like the ones my skin surgeon showed me from her own cases -- made me gag so much that I couldn't look at them long enough to copy and paste into this post.

If you didn't click that last link, then let me just remind you to wear sunscreen, keep your hat on and schedule regular visits with your dermatologist. It's not sexy, but it's a helluva lot better than the alternative.

Photo notes: Bottom left is the spot circled before surgery; center and top left are during surgery; top right is last month after a much-needed makeover, showing where my hair is finally growing back; the rest are the in between stages of stitches and infection. Also, that long white scar in the middle of my forehead is the remains of my first basal cell, which was removed three years ago.


  1. dread is tough... but you keep hanging tough! The new look is beautiful :)

  2. I didn't comment last night because I clicked on that link and then had to turn off my computer and wash my eyes out with bleach. HOLY CRAP.

    While I don't personally know the dread, I have lived it for years with every checkup my mom has had and every scan my BFF has had. I'm pretty good at inappropriate humor and distractions. Also - I'm around most of the morning. :)

  3. Okay, this was scary. BUT, it made me feel better reading it knowing that I have a dermatologist appointment scheduled for next week. Here's hoping all goes well, but it's always nice to have a reminder to wear sunscreen & cover up!

  4. Prayers for you that its all clear and you'll be happy to know I had my first full body check this summer ~ even where the sun doesn't shine=) A handful of moles marked thanks to my Irish age spotting skin that both burns and tans. Lots of sunblock always ~ hardest thing for me? I love being out in the sun ~ I am a mess if I'm not outside enjoying the day.

  5. Great post. My brother-in-law just went through something similar. He was lucky to have treated, and completely, right away. It was eye-opening. Good luck at the derm!

  6. Hope all goes well. And it totally reminds me that I need to make a dermo appointment. I've had a bunch of moles removed, luckily all were okay, but I need to stay on top of things. Pale as a ghost + sun exposure = potential danger.

  7. Only catching this post now, I assume you get good news? That looks very sore indeed -- and on your face too! Tell me, what # SPF did your dermo recommend you use to protect the scar as it was healing?

    Mr. Fizgig has had more biospies than you've had hot dinners. So far so good -- but we tend to slap on SPF 70 in the summer. People laugh at us, but I remind them that I have worn SPF 15 on my face for years, even in the dead of a New York winter, so why wouldn't I up the dosage now that we live in San Diego?!

  8. Okay, I'm going out to BUY some damned sunscreen right now. See! See what you did! If you help just one person, right?

    So glad you're okay.


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