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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Strategery: When You Want to Relax on the Beach

I remember vaguely fondly the pre-kids beach vacation days. You know, back when I would sleep until 10, have a bowl of cereal, then wander down to the beach to stretch out on a towel and read for hours in the sun. Rinse, nap and repeat. Glorious.

Life at the beach with two small children sets a very different agenda. Given that both Junius and Pippi like to be up to thank the sun for rising each day, there's not much I can do about wanting to sleep in. And as much as I love running around with them in the sand and surf and watching them fall in love with the beach, I still miss the days spending lounging with a book.

Then last week we discovered a way to improve the ratio of time spent sitting and reading to time spent splashing and chasing. I have give my friend Ashley full credit for this idea -- it's pure genius.
  • Step 1: Dig a big hole in the sand. Preferably, put your husband and older child to work on this step.
  • Step 2: Line the hole with a plastic shower curtain.
  • Step 3: Fill the lined hole with water. This is a great opportunity to put your kids (and all their beach buddies) to work using the score of buckets you brought with you to the beach.
  • Step 4: Load toys, mermaids, shells and buckets in and around the pool.
  • Step 5: Place your children in the pool.
  • Step 6: Pull your chair into the general vicinity of the pool. Sit your self down, lean back and bask in the brilliance while the kids entertain themselves.
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    1. Great idea! I've never heard of this one. You can even get a shower curtain at Dollar Tree- along with buckets and stuff. (Wonder where I got this bargain hunting gene?)

    2. Wow. Love it. What a great idea. I did a mini-version of this when we went on vacation in July. I used the biggest bowl I could find in the kitchen of our rental condo. But that only fit the dolls, not the kids. Lost its entertainment value pretty quickly. Your idea is much better - the hole-digging would take MUCH longer, which means mom could actually enjoy a cold beverage, too!

    3. But where's the adventure of potential riptides? Jellyfish? I suppose sitting in ever-warming salty pee water is enough excitement for one day.

    4. Hahahahah!!! Smart! Let them get busy and entertain themselves. Yes, all mothers deserve our alone time once in a while!

    5. Wait a sec - just noticed - "strategery." Apparently my husband and I are not the only ones who picked this up from SNL mocking George W.? It's scarily become party of our everyday language. "Honey, making the chocolate milk early so it was at-the-ready was SO strategery."


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