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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Mudcats Comedy of Errors

This past Sunday, we planned a family outing to see a minor league baseball game -- sounds like the perfect summer evening, right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong at a Mudcats game?

Well, where do I start?

Maybe with the rain, that ruined the first game we tried to see three weeks ago. After driving through a few light showers on our way out to Five County Stadium (Groupon in hand, of course), we discovered that the afternoon game was cancelled.

But as annoying as that trip was, it was only the beginning of our Mudcats mishaps. Here's a snapshot of all the things that went wrong when we tried again this past Sunday night:
  • There was the parking attendant who tried to keep our change for the parking pass.
  • Then we got the second parking attendant who told us we'd parked badly (even though we'd done just fine).
  • And in case that wasn't enough, we met the third parking attendant (sent to track us down by the second parking attendant) who took my husband back to the car and made him move it back 18 inches.
  • Once inside, the people sitting in our reserved seats furnished tickets with the exact same seat numbers on them, although he cleverly held his finger over the date on the tickets. Then my sweet husband went down to the box office, asked for four new tickets and declined to have the other people thrown out -- sadly the seats weren't as good and it took us a walk around the entire park to find them.
  • They only sell hot dogs at certain concession areas, not all. Which seems ridiculous, since I go to baseball games specifically for hot dogs (not pizza or chicken sandwiches). After waiting in a very long line (made even longer because they didn't seem prepared to actually serve any hot dogs at the end of the 2nd inning) and handing over every single dollar in our pockets (because they only took cash and over-charged for every item), the hot dogs tasted more microwave than grill. Average at best and very disappointing.
  • Did I mention that the rather active smoking area was parked beside the food line we were standing in? 
  • After walking around the entire park, arms filled with food, drinks and children, we finally arrived at our new seats. Which were filled. Again. Thankfully there was an usher there this time to shoo the offenders back into their own seats. Which they were quite annoyed about.
  • As we filed into our row near 3rd base, exhausted by the effort, we looked down to see the floor littered with peanuts and peanut shells crunching under the feet of our peanut-allergic son.
At this point, I looked at my husband with a desperate attempt at a smile and said, "I'm telling you now. If I get hit with a foul ball, it's over. We will be on national television, and I better get paid well for my 15 minutes of fame."

Thankfully, we left without further incident at the 7th inning stretch and made it safely home in time to tuck the kids in bed and fall out on the couch.

In defense of the Mudcats operation, everyone on staff inside the park was very courteous and helpful. But sadly it wasn't enough to make me want to go back any time soon. Guess it's just as well that the season is over -- gives me time to recover before spring training.


  1. Sounds terrible, I hate when it's just a comedy of errors like that. Write a letter of complaint to Muddy the Mudcat. I don't want to be a part of a world where a guy dressed up in a huge catfish costume can't fix things - LOL! To date me, I haven't been to a Mudcats game since I went to see Michael Jordan during his "baseball days". Anyone remember those days - looooong time ago.

  2. I wonder what the parking guy would have done if you had just kept walking? I mean, what power do they really have?

  3. I don't need another excuse not to go to a baseball game, but I'll tuck this post in my back pocket just in case.

  4. Bad experience, but look what a great blog post it made!

  5. Ooohhhh...godloveyoublessyourheart! Isn't that the way these things always turn out? But you know what? I'll bet years from now when your kids re-tell this story - it will be a really great memory for them :-)


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