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Monday, September 27, 2010

Master of My Domain Name

I learned a lot at Type-A Mom Conference this past weekend. Almost too much to process.

Hopefully I can carve out some time this week to write about it all, but in the meantime I've followed some great advice from a fellow blogger I met in Asheville.

I picked one thing that I wanted to implement right away: buy my domain.

So as of tonight (and thanks to tech and purchasing support from my husband), I am the proud owner of

It won't change anything that you see here (at least for now). But it means that you can just go directly to my blog without having to type in the "blogspot" part of the url.

Okay, so it's not much. But I'm still proud.

And if you want more Type-A analysis right away, go read Abby's so-true post about blogging elitism, snobbery and why she blogs. Then just pretend that I wrote it.

Photography by mooshinidy, featuring me, Abby and Marty.
You'll have to ask the photographer why Marty is standing like that. 



  1. I learned that at Bloggy Boot Camp. I soooo need to get on that. I also learned that we should buy our kids names .com because they'll need it in the future. Good enough for me. Did you have a blast at the conference??

  2. So, so great to meet you this weekend! I agree, my head is about to explode with information. Hopefully we'll see each other at another blogging conference soon!

  3. My head is swimming too! Thanks for the peek at Pippi! She is precious! I'm glad you got your domain name. That was great advice...there was a LOT of it! :)

  4. Ha! I remember when I bought my domain; someone else owns the, so I had to grab, but it was still my baby, so I totally understand your excitement! It's FUN to be the proud owner!

    I keep hearing the same thing over and over--it's difficult to process SO MUCH experience! I'm loving reading everyone's brings the weekend back to life again :).

  5. So the next time you come to my amazing city & don't call me, I'm gonna ... wait ... I wasn't actually IN my amazing city ... but you still better call me next time :-) Glad you learned a bunch & hope you got to enjoy downtown a bit. A weekend away, even a super-busy/working one, is a wonderful thing! Did you see that Mamie's a mama??

  6. I own 6 or 7 domain names, one of them being my full real name. Eventually I'll get that site going (for my copywriting stuff). It's not a huge priority now, but it'll be SO exciting to see it live someday! And I love it that I have, my first web baby, of course. :-) Congrats!


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