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Monday, May 17, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

If you're not watching Modern Family on Wednesday nights on ABC, you are seriously missing out. It has fantastic characters -- including the dad from Married with Children and Carol Vessey from Ed (who also played a skanky role in one season of Weeds) -- but more importantly, it is Hilarious. Yes, with a capital "H."

Anyway, the final punchline in last week's episode had me teary-eyed and cracking up at the same time -- and given my love of quirky cover songs used during closing scenes in TV shows, I just had share.

Here's a little something to enjoy on your Monday:

Who knew there was an acoustic ukulele version of "Eye of the Tiger"? (To really get the joke, you'll have to watch the whole episode, but the song is genius either way.)

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