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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's Five: TiVo'ed Television

As I was flipping through the Life section of the paper to read the funnies yesterday (I make a point to read them every day in order to balance out all the bad news in the paper), I noticed the prime-time ratings list for the previous week. Turns out, I don't watch any of the shows in the official Top 10 list, which includes two versions of "American Idol," two versions of "NCIS," "Dancing with the Stars," "The Mentalist," "Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory," "Survivor: Heroes and Villains Finale," and "CSI." Who knew I was so far out of the mainstream?

So here's the Convertible Girl's TV Top 5, according to which shows are at the top of my TiVo season pass list -- compare it to what you're watching and let me know where I'm missing out:

  1. Modern Family: Between the ukulele clip, parenting mishaps with gay dads Cameron and Mitchell, and the funny stuff that Phil doesn't realize he's saying ("WTF? Why the face?"), this show about three branches of a family is the best on TV.
  2. 30 Rock: Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are perfect together. With a great cast and so many repeatable lines, this show is fantastically clever.
  3. Community: The pilot for this series about a quirky group of community college students didn't win me over, but I tuned in again later in the year and now I'm hooked. The episode where Jeff refuses to play pool in shorts for his P.E. class (but winds up naked) was the one that brought me back.
  4. The Office: This season is fading for me, but it does crack me up that Kathy Bates is on the show now. The show was so good for so long, I'm still hanging in there.
  5. Psych: Technically, I sort of watch "The Mentalist" because I watch "Psych," but it still doesn't count (and if you don't watch "Psych," which you should, then you didn't get that joke.) Between the 80s references and the witty banter between Gus and Shawn, this psychic detective show is high quality fun.
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  1. Of the combined list of 15, I only watch two of them: 30 Rock and CSI. I've seen a few episodes of NCIS but it has been a few years and I've watched Survivor, but that was multiple years ago. I've not seen a single episode of the other eleven shows.

  2. It seems that I watch NONE of the top shows. My favorite show not listed is GLEE! I love that show. Go to and check out the Madonna tribute show. If you know the basic plot line of the series, that episode really rocks. Next week features Lady Gaga tribute. I'm not a fan of her but the music, costumes, choreography, and overall message of Be Who You Are will keep me watching. I also watch Community, but sometimes it is just so silly and stupid I wonder why I still watch. I guess I have hope......

    The other two shows are Clean House (style network) and The Suze Orman Show (msnbc).

    Another day I'll rant about what children are allowed to watch. Lately some of my second grade students have been singing lyrics from commercials- mainly "Viva Viagra"- a take off of the great Elvis (god rest his soul) hit Viva Las Vegas....... It's enough to make me a Luddite.

  3. I too am shocked you are not watching GLEE! Check it out this summer. But start at the beginning.


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