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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Five: Covers

I missed New Music Monday this week since we were at the beach, so it seems appropriate to have a musical Friday's Five instead.

Recently on Back Porch Music, I was surprised to hear a cover of a Nick Drake song -- took me a bit to realize what it was because it sounded so different, yet so familiar. I think that's what makes a good cover song -- one that takes its own path while still honoring the original.

Here are five songs, listed with their primary artist first and the cover artist second. In each case, I can honestly say I like both versions. I think #1 is the best twist and #5 is the most surprising. Take a listen and see if you have a favorite...
  1. "Kiss" by Prince and Tony De Sare
  2. "If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett and Eddie From Ohio
  3. "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper and Eva Cassidy
  4. "Northern Sky" by Nick Drake and Bill Evans and Megan Lynch
  5. "Hey Ya" by Outkast and Ted from Scrubs

1 comment:

  1. Ah, I haven't seen that episode yet. I must hurry over to and hope it's still there.

    My fave covers:
    Such Great Heights - Orig. Postal Service and Cover by Iron & Wine

    We're Going to Be Friends - Orig. White Stripes and cover by Jack Johnson

    Rufus Wainwright singing Across the Universe

    and the entire Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

    We actually have an entire playlist of covers.
    Love this Friday 5.



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