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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pippipalooza 2012: Preschool Musical

Pippi is now officially 4.

She's had her school-special-snack party, her family-goes-out-to-dinner party and her invite-too-many-friends-to-the-house-for-cake party. She loved every minute -- the rest of us are still recovering.
So while I collect myself enough to be able to write about the festivities and about our Princess Pip, you can entertain yourself with the playlist I used for her CD party favors.

 The Pippipalooza Dance Party Like a Rock Star Mix

1. Big Bang Boom (Part 1) – Big Bang Boom
2. High Five! – They Might Be Giants
3. Get Up and Go – The Biscuit Brothers
4. It Makes You Feel Good – Renee & Jeremy
5. Mahna Mahna – CAKE
6. Molly the Moose – Ira Marlowe
7. I Never Go to Work – They Might Be Giants
8. Stand Up Song – Big Bang Boom
9. The Hoppity Song – John Ondrasik
10. D Is for Drums – They Might Be Giants
11. Drawing – Barenaked Ladies
12. Dance Party – The Biscuit Brothers (Buttermilk)
13. C’mon – Renee & Jeremy
14. Ooh La! Ooh La! – They Might Be Giants
15. No Hands Band – Ray “Walrus” Laughran (on BBB)
16. Big Bang Book (Part 2) – Big Bang Boom

All of these songs (and the albums they came from) are technically kid songs, but they're ones that pass the parent test -- that is, kid songs that even the parents like.

You're welcome.

Note: Referencing this post title, if you haven't seen the Sesame Street "Preschool Musical" sketch, it's worth watching.

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  1. Ooooh! Thank you! I was just about to but The Fresh Beat Band's new CD on iTunes. Yes, seriously. Good timing, my friend.

    1. I did almost buy "Shout it out, just like a rock star!" by the Fresh Beats -- mostly because it cracks me up to hear Pippi sing it. But no, dear -- buy these CDs first. If you don't have an TMBG kids music, start there. Then the 2nd Big Bang Boom is my favorite local NC band And Renee & Jeremy's 1st CD is lullaby perfect, but there 2nd (on this list) is much peppier and very cool.

  2. Hello? Imagination Movers? Anyone?

    New CD & DVD just came out and lots of great older stuff on iTunes. Check them out.

    1. Currently rockin out to the Robot Chase Song. Awesome. Send me your recs!


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