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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honors from the Ladies

Is it lame to start off an acceptance speech with an apology?

I hope not -- because I want to thank Pam and Brenna for honoring me with The Versatile Blogger award and I need to apologize to both for taking many weeks to write this post.

It is an honor, right? Not just a scam for writing a list post? I mean, there's prize money in the mail, right?

Regardless, you should help me recognize both of these ladies by clicking through to their blogs: My Pamtastic Life and Suburban Snapshots. I discovered Pam through her very kind Twitter encouragement of my Couch to 5K running program, and you may already know Brenna from her brilliantly famous Why Having a Toddler Is Like Being at a Frat Party post.

I'm going to assume they both think I'm a Versatile Blogger because I write about a broad range of topics including school board politics, strategies for poop, home remodeling, recipes, children's books and pole-dancing. Guess I need to work on my niche.

In keeping with the rules of the award, I want to officially thank Pam and Brenna for reading, commenting and tweeting with me, even though they've never met me -- and for their great contributions to the blogging world. Below you'll find a list of several random things (depending on the award-giver, it's either supposed to be 7 or 10 things that I like or things about me) and a list of (up to 10) deserving, new award-winners.

In case you didn't already know...
  1. I have an extra kidney (sort of).
  2. As a kid, I broke my left arm in four places by jumping off a swing set.
  3. I could eat cereal and milk for three meals a day.
  4. I prefer not to wear socks, except with running shoes. That's one of the reasons my husband loves me.
  5. I get more nervous at the eye doctor than I do at the dentist.
  6. People tell me I look just like my mom. Growing up, I never knew what to say when people told me that. Now I think it's a compliment.
  7. I've never smoked cigarettes. Or anything else for that matter.
And the new winners are all recent discoveries worth your time to click, so click the links already...


  1. (Blushing) Yayyyy!! And can't wait to read more and check out some of your list of good reads I haven't seen yet. You really must come over for cheesecake! :)

  2. I have never smoked anything either!! Most people are amazed at that.

  3. Hey! I finally got my post up about the award. Thanks for giving it to me! And, oh, I have smoked stuff. More on that in my post.


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