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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back Away from the Candy

There's something inherently hilarious about hearing a kid say something to a parent that normally the parent would say to the child. At least, that's true when said child is two. It probably gets less funny when your 15-year-old is parroting parenting phrases back at you -- but thankfully we're not there yet.

Recently Pippi has taken to looking at her father and saying, "You know what, Daddy?" with a very earnest look on her face. "You are a Good Boy."

I'm not sure where she got it from because I don't think it's something we say (at least, not quite like that), but it's funny regardless. The other day I went into her room to get her out of the crib after naptime and she did it to me, putting weighty emphasis on each word: "You know what, Mommy? You are a Good Girl."

So this past weekend, all four of us were in the kitchen enjoying a little Halloween candy and Junius did something nice (the details of which I can no longer remember). Whatever he did prompted me to give him a big grin and say, "You know what, Juni? You are a Good Boy."

My husband (who was on the other side of the kitchen from us at the time) then added, "You know what, Pippi? You are a Good Girl."

Without skipping a beat, Pippi leaned a little closer to her pile of m&m's, set her hands up around them like a fence, shot her father a stink eye and said sternly, "I am NOT sharing."

That girl is funny, she knows her Daddy well -- and she is a second child through and through.


  1. Funny! Little girls know all about manipulation...because they are the masters :)

  2. So funny! Watch out for that one. She's one step ahead.

    L says grown up things too, or phrases he picks up from who knows where that make me laugh. The other day I had to borrow my mom's car. After buckling the kids in the back, I climbed into the driver's seat and L said "Now let's see how this baby runs." I nearly peed myself.

  3. Funny - as I was reading this, CC was hollering at the dogs who were thinking about getting some of his Skittles.

  4. I rather enjoy when Anna says, "Good job peeing, Mama! You need a wipe?"


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