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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No, Really, It's Just "Paint"

Thanks to a very fun and well-timed tip from Abby, we entertained ourselves by "painting" snow with friends on Monday afternoon. It was a great activity that helped us survive a long day with no preschool. The snow is finally melting, but in case you decide to try this idea the next time around, I have a couple of suggestions:
  1. If you decide to use yellow food coloring, add a little red or pink to make it more orange. Yellow snow looks suspiciously like someone peed on it. And if you have a little boy, you know how much they love to pee outside.
  2. If you decide to use red food coloring, add a little blue to make it more purple. Red snow looks like your snowman had a different kind of accident. And after our friend's sledding accident on Sunday (thankfully, the feisty little girl is doing great!), I really can't handle even the suggestion of blood.
  3. If you let your kids paint directly on your snowman and not just in the snow, see if you can find a good wig to compliment the tie-dyed look. Somehow, the multi-colored snowman just doesn't look right with a traditional top hat and scarf.

As for that snow, here's hoping that Sir Walter Wally is right and spring is just around the corner!

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  1. I love it. It looks great. Yep, Adrian's first comment upon seeing the yellow "paint" in the snow was, "Don't eat the yellow snow." I didn't even think about the red looking like blood but luckily the worst snow/blood we had was a little bloody lip. Hope the little girl is okay.

    Glad it gave you a little something to do and I love the tie-dye snowpeople.



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