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Monday, February 22, 2010

And Baby Turns Two

WARNING: The following post contains sappy, sentimental mom musings from a woman who remembers holding her only baby girl for the first time two years ago today.

First there was just this 45 pounds (ugh) of belly...

Then suddenly, there was this beautiful baby girl...

And she cried until she got to the "salon"...

Then she rested with the present we got for her brother...

And now she is two. Just like that. 

She can run, jump, sing, give the stink eye, laugh, make us laugh, talk, get sent to time out, color, smile, hit her brother, pee on the potty (sometimes), feed herself (mostly), hide, seek, dance, undress herself, hug, whine, kiss, complain, slide by herself, say please and thank you. She is fiercely independent, regularly shouting, "Do it I-self" when we try to help out. Sometimes she is just plain fierce, demanding her way at any cost.

But she is also blindingly sweet, offering unconditional love through the twinkle in her eyes. And sometimes she still needs me... to kiss her boo-boos, push her on the swings, read to her at night.

She is wild and crazy. She's my big girl, but always my baby. And I love her. "Happy to you, Pippi!"

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  1. Awwww what sweet photos - almost makes me want to have another baby (LOL). Happy birthday to her - such a fun age!


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