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Monday, August 10, 2009

My Most Famous Post

Congratulations to all (seven) of you for reading this blog! You'll be able to say you knew me way back when.

Turns out, I am a totally famous blogger now. Over the weekend, my post on Triangle Mamas got picked up by 30 Threads, a site that highlights Triangle blogs and media.

In case you haven't clicked over to Triangle Mamas in awhile, you should go now and read my open letter to a tree (the post linked as #5 on 30 Threads), as well as posts from other area moms. And I should clarify that I am a) not opposed to trees in general, b) not suggesting they cut down the fully-grown trees that provide a tiny bit of shade at the amphitheater and c) not going to take a preschooler to a show two hours early just to stake out a good spot.

While you read, I'll be sitting at home waiting for all the mommy-blog marketers to start contacting me. Just hope it's someone other than tree removal and landscaping services.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed being threaded on 30THREADS. I really enjoyed your open letter to the tree, and for what it's worth, I didn't really think you were opposed to trees in general! :o)

  2. That's really cool. Congratulations. I have no idea what triangle blogs are, but I'm heading over to find out!

  3. Cool!!!! Good job!! Bring on the loot...

  4. I knew you before there was even a Pippi or Junius. How does that work with all that "seven degrees of separation" stuff? Am I going to be rich and famous too!

  5. Very cool!! I'm off to check out 30 Threads! :)

  6. Dude. Let the laundry soap samples roll in. Hoorah. :)

  7. Love it. And I love your blog. Can't wait to see you soon!


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