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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Best Non-Political Vote You Can Cast All Year

Okay, people. We need your help here.

My brilliant husband learned about a contest to win a Thomasville Furniture sectional sofa by posting an Instagram photo of one of their couches on the company Facebook page.

And because he is so brilliant, he took our kids on their school holiday Wednesday (while I was at work) and captured this hilarious photo of Spidey and Butterfly Girl relaxing in the Thomasville store.

Now all we need is for you to click over to the Thomasville Furniture Facebook page and vote for our photo -- you have to "like" their page first in order to vote (sorry about that). If you vote for us and we actually win, I promise to let you come hang out with Junius and Pippi on the new couch. We'll even let you choose your own costume.

Here's the link: (Note: Lots of people are having trouble with the link. Not sure what's happening, but it might not be mobile-friendly. Try going to and look at the top of their feed for the link to the promotion.)

And may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. As of now, you have it by a land slide!! Yay!

    1. Done and done! I hope you win. I saw the photo on Instagram and LOL'ed! Best picture ever! BTW my girl saw the picture when I was voting and said "I want to sit with them!"

  2. well?????? what's the verdict?????? was the only vote I am allowed to cast (being an alien and all) worth it??????????

    1. We WON!!! Husband got the call today. Apparently there are four collections we get to choose from, but I'm not sure all the details yet. Thanks to all for your votes!


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