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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friday's 5: Christmas Decorations

Many of you probably kicked your Christmas tree to the curb on Monday. You Scroogey Grinches, you.

But because I have a strict no-tree-before-my-birthday policy, I'm not tired of our Christmas decorations just yet. In fact, I like to keep them up until Epiphany, although sometimes they come down a little earlier because we need to get it done over a weekend.

So in honor of the festivities still lingering around my house, here are five of my favorites from holiday decorating this year:

1. Mantel: This is the first year we've actually had a mantel in a long time, so I loved having a place to hang stockings and display my nutcracker collection. Throw in some branches trimmed from the tree and a sparkly Target wreath and it all fills in quite nicely.
2. Window: No drapes in the dining room? No problem. Just hang some of those leftover balls that wouldn't fit on the tree. They're even pretty at night, but especially fun sparkling in the sun during the day.
3. Cards: We're lucky to receive lots of cards from friends and family across the globe -- but I've never had a good way to display them all. This year I stretched string across those quick-release hooks along the empty dining room wall, covered the hooks with bows and used kid-painted clothes pins to hold the cards on. Next year, I think I'll do three rows so I don't have to cram them in so tight.
4. Napkin rings: These little gems are not only festive and useful for setting the holiday table, they also provided a craft project that distracted my kids for about 15 minutes while I was cooking on Christmas Eve morning. Just cut toilet paper tubes into thirds, cover with stickers and enjoy an instantly festive table.
5. Carolers: If you've been reading this blog for a couple of years, you know I can't take credit for these winners. My crafty neighbor one-upped herself again (see brilliance from 2010 and 2009), using my one leftover Halloween pumpkin and four of her own to create this caroling crowd that she left on my doorstep. In case you can't see their song sheets, they're singing "Silent Night" (*snort*). You can only wish you lived across the street from her, too.

So what was your favorite holiday decorating trick this season? Share your best so we can add it to our list for next year.


  1. Our tree was such a fire hazard. I would keep it up until New Years at least if the front windows didn't cook it so much. Sigh. I'll just have to come enjoy yours!

  2. We frame the doorway from the kitchen to the rest of the house in holiday cards. I LOVE that everyone that comes over stops to look at them all. :)

    Those balls in the window? Fabulous! May steal that next year...

  3. I did that with ornaments in the window years ago and I forgot how much I liked it!

    Fabulous idea with the card display. I never know what to do with ours, either.

    This year I don't think I had any new decorating tricks. But one of my faves is to take plain silver and red ornaments, big and small, and mix them up in glass vases, then put them on the mantel and around the house. So simple but so pretty!

  4. I was TOTALLY waiting to see what your neighbor did with the pumpkins this year! Regina


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