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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Insult to Injury

It was a rough morning over at Chez Convertible today. Not worth explaining the details (except to accept my share of responsibility for the mess), but let's just say I was feeling a little beaten down by the time I got in the car to drive to work.

I switched on NPR as I turned out of the driveway, hoping to distract myself with the morning's news. After a story on the Chilean miners rescue and another about people losing their jobs and homes in the Gulf, I was starting to get my life back into perspective. I mean really, what's one bumpy morning compared to people who are really struggling to stay alive or buy food for their families?

And then, just as I was pulling myself together, BAM!

Frickin pledge drive.

C'mon, NPR. It's not nice to kick a girl when she's down -- and then ask her for money, too.

For the record, I love NPR. I just really hate the pledge drive.


  1. I hear ya with the whole pledge drive...I know they need "supporters like us" to keep the thing on air and all, but can't they just pledge between the hours of like 2-6am. Or come to think of it...with my lack of doing anything past dinner time, they could start pledging at like 6pm and i'd be cool with that too.

    Just think if you call now you can get this commemorable 4 piece CD set of Boston Pops in the park. Wahoooooo!

  2. But if you donate NOW this pledge drive will be only half as long. I hear ya. I donated a car, and I still have to sit through the ambush breaks. Hope for a better tomorrow morning, lady.

  3. Recent scenario: Soooooo excited to FINALLY listen to what I want to listen to, drink my coffee, and have 30 minutes to myself in the car. Eagerly turn on my local NPR station and whadda I get? A frickin' pledge drive. Grrr.

    I hear ya, sister!


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