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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That's My Girl

When I was a women's studies minor in college, I firmly believed that gender differences were learned, forced onto boys and girls by a powerful patriarchal machine.

Now, as mother to my own little boy and girl, I am constantly amazed by how different they are from such a young age. Junius apparently came hard-wired with a love for balls, trucks and trains. Pippi has this burning need to diaper all her babies and bears (and Elmo). Junius can turn any toy or stick into a gun (despite not having any toy guns in the house). Pippi begs for a hairbow and then flirts with herself in the mirror. Of course, it's not all stereotypes -- Junius is also super sensitive and Pippi is as tough as can be, and they both love running fast and making music.

But still, it made me laugh that in the same week that Pippi chose this outfit...

...her three favorite books (read over and over at every naptime and bedtime since Saturday) have been the lift-the-flap books she stole from her brother, titled (aptly and succinctly) Diggers, Tractors and Trucks.

Guess she's just reminding me that she really can be anything she wants to be -- even if it's a girly-girl tomboy. (And yes, the boots really do light up. You know you want a pair.)


  1. Too cute!! Her hair is getting so long.

  2. I love it! My mother-in-law was horrified, absolutely horrified, that Olivia knew the word "make-up" and "lipstick". She seemed to forget that Olivia loves her soccer ball and refuses ponytails with a passion.

  3. perfect. love it.

  4. LOVE this post! And love those boots!!

    It's been really neat to see what interests Small Fry. She seems a lot like your Pippi. One minute, girlie; the next minute, digging in the dirt with the neighbor boys. So neat.


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