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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday's Five: Year-End List of Posts

I'd hate to miss out on all the year-end lists of bests and worsts, so here are links to the five Juni&Pip posts (not including Friday's Fives, New Music Mondays and recipes) that earned the most clicks on my blog in 2009 (at least according to FeedBurner).

I don't know if they're the posts people liked best, or if they just happened to be the ones that more people read. And they're not necessarily my favorites, although I like all of them. Okay, let's be honest -- I wrote them, so of course I like them. Here they are, in order of most clicked:
  1. Donate for Super Dylan: Great kid, great cause. We'll be walking again in May, so get ready to join us.
  2. Knock Knock: I mean, really -- who can resist a few non-sequitur jokes from a four-year-old?
  3. How Netflix Saved My Marriage: Believe it or not, the title is not much of an exaggeration.
  4. You Want a Piece of Me?: The one where I complain about going to doctors and getting old.
  5. The Pile: An archeological dig through the mess on top of our bedroom dresser.
But enough about me, let's talk about you. What posts on my blog do YOU like best? And while you're thinking about your favorites, go ahead and click on all five listed here to drive up my stats even more -- it will make me feel so popular. (As there's no "sarcasm" font on blogger, I'll add here that I'm not so delusional self-absorbed that I actually think you have a list my favorite posts -- but I really do feel loved knowing that people are actually reading some of my ramblings.)

Happy reading -- and a very happy New Year to you all!


  1. I love the posts about Pip. They are such a wonderful peek into the life of a mother of a daughter.

    Happy New Year, C.

  2. Nice! The knock-knock jokes make me laugh because toddlers can be so dang random! And Netflix is a godsend. Although I need to add some stuff to the queue. Hubby has been doing it lately and we've been receiving some interesting/weird/dumb movies. :-)

  3. I not only have a favorite post, I have a favorite quote!

    "I know it's a cliche, but my friend's experience reminded me that it doesn't matter how you become a mama, as long as you get to love the baby that makes you one. Whether through c-section or induction or adoption or marriage or fertility treatments or a drug-free birth, those babies arrive in our lives and they love us and they make us love them back. And it's a damn good thing they're so cute -- they have the power to make us forget everything else."

    Love that! I have enjoyed your blog, Cyndi. I hope you keep it going.
    Bunco Amy (not to be confused with your other Amy admirer!)


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