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Monday, July 13, 2009

Junius Fest 2009

What starts with Buzz Lightyear and a Lightning McQueen lunchbox and ends with one very tired and slightly sandy four-year-old?

It's J-Fest 2009, a four-day birthday extravaganza!

Here's a list of the highlights from Junius's birthday and the three additional days of celebration:
  • Opening presents from the parents (mentioned above)
  • Receiving an early morning phone call from his girlfriend (at the end of which he said, "My mom needs to talk to your mom. I love you!")
  • Riding with the top down on a breakfast trip to Biscuitville with Daddy
  • Spending the morning at the park with KT and G (two of his favorite friends), plus a ride in Ms. B's car (which is nearly as exciting as playing at the park) -- including brownies and a Buzz Lightyear kite
  • Splashing at the pool for more play time with KT and G
  • Getting FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS in the mail (three of which will go into his bank, where he is "saving for college," and one of which he plans to spend on chips at the pool snack bar)
  • Eating dinner at Chick-Fil-A (with KT and the fam) -- including more presents, ice cream and time to run around
  • Listening to a sweet birthday voicemail (to which he tried to talk and respond through the answering machine)
  • Hosting a pool party with four grandparents, two parents, one sister and 12 friends -- including cupcakes, Chex Mix (his favorite snack) and juice boxes
  • Grilling out cheesburgers and hot dogs for dinner
  • Opening presents from friends and family, then trying to play with all of them at once because every single one is "just what I have always wanted!" (especially the "Mack" truck from the movie Cars)
  • Using power tools to help Pop Pop build a super-duper sandbox in the backyard, then playing in sandbox after Daddy filled it with more than 1,200 lbs of sand
  • More time at the pool, more cheeseburgers, popsicles and play...
The next morning, his first words to me were, "Did any more of my presents arrive?"

Dude can get his money's worth out of a birthday. Guess I can add that to the list of things he seems to have inherited from his mother.


  1. Little does he know, there is one more present yet to arrive. As soon as I get my act back together . . .

  2. Awww, what a fun birthday! And I love it that he started it off with a breakfast at Biscuitville! That's one of my favorite places! And I always wished that I had a summer birthday as to be able to have swim parties! So fun!


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