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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My big boy

I'm not exactly sure when he crossed over, but somehow my baby boy has turned into a big boy. I guess it's been happening gradually, but in the past week there have suddenly been so many signs.
  • Thanks to a recent growth spurt, he is now tall enough to climb over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs without assistance.

  • He had his first check-up at the dentist. All four of us were there (three for cleanings -- Pippi doesn't have enough teeth yet), so that we could take turns sitting with Junius. But when the hygienist called his name, he trotted on back by himself, climbed up into the chair and acted like he'd done this a hundred times before. And no cavities!

  • He says he likes the movie Toy Story because it's scary.

  • He can throw a frisbee well enough to actually play "catch" with his dad. (Not so much with me -- terrible at frisbee.) And he's fast on those long legs.

  • We took down the safety rails on his bed -- he doesn't need them anymore.
But perhaps the biggest sign incorporates two major accomplishments: potty training and learning to sleep through the night. A few nights ago, my husband and I heard a noise as we were falling asleep. When the light suddenly came on in the hall bathroom, we realized it was Junius -- he had climbed out of his bed without calling for anyone and gone into the bathroom. We listened, amazed, as he peed (standing up, no less), put his underwear and pajama pants back on, turned off the light, walked back to his room, climbed into his bed and went back to sleep. No assistance needed.

But in spite of all this growing up, or maybe because of it, he's added a new regular saying to his repertoire that became an immediate favorite: "Mommy -- know what? I love you TOO much!"

That's my baby!


  1. Thanks for the appliance guy #. I'm hanging onto that!

    It's so satisfying (and a bit bittersweet) to have them suddenly be so grown up... Sleeping through the night, huh?

  2. Very bittersweet, but sleeping through the night might be a fair trade.

  3. Cindy, my Dad shared your latest email with links to your kids photos (so very cute) and this blog! I am such a fan of blogging ... and have been sharing my own thoughts & comments for close to three years now. So glad you're writing and sharing now too!

    Please visit sometime


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