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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pippipalooza 2011: Blog Post Retrospective

More presents yesterday and today, plus a couple of leftover cupcakes -- it's been a fun, busy week around here for Pippipalooza. Not sure how she'll handle going back to regular life. And yes, she's lotioning her hands with cupcake icing at preschool in that photo.

As Pippi barrels ahead into three, here's a quick look back at the year of being two. Enjoy these five posts, some favorites about Pip since her last birthday:

  1. What's in a Shoe (May 12, 2010): Pippi's grandmother sends her stripper shoes. And she LOVES them.
  2. Like Mother, Like Daughter (June 16, 2010): Pippi gets her first haircut, and it's sassy.
  3. Saturday Strategery: When Your Toddler Makes Carpet Parmesan (July 25, 2010): Pippi is not afraid to make a mess in her room.
  4. Back Away from the Candy (Nov. 2, 2010): Pippi says sweet things, but isn't afraid to threaten anyone who might steal her m&m pile.
  5. Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share (Nov. 6, 2010): Pippi "helps" me clean up while wearing a belly ring and doctoring Elmo.
P.S. There are also several Wordless Wednesday posts that really captured Pippi's personality, but I decided those shouldn't count here. It's my blog, so I get to make the rules, right?

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