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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share

I'm cleaning house today -- trying to sort through the six-families-worth of toys that we own so we can clear out the den before the renovation project starts on Tuesday (yikes!). Okay, technically right now I'm blogging, but I had to take a quick break to capture this moment.

Pippi is "helping" me. She's wearing a polka dot dress, the stripper shoes, a frilly apron, a cupcake hair bow and an assortment of plastic jewelry. I am similarly decorated (plastic jewelry and a butterfly hair bow, of course), although I'm barefoot and wearing sweats.

She finds a plastic earring and asks me to clip it to her belly button -- when that doesn't work, we clip it to her diaper in the vicinity of her belly button.

And while I attempt to sort toys into piles that will get them out of the house (or at least out of the den), she's pretending to be my doctor by peering into my ear with her plastic compact mirror. Periodically she stops to dance to the mix CD that's playing and shake her UNC pom poms along with the music.

Then she moves on to doctoring Elmo.

It would be a whole lot faster to do this clean-up project alone. But it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.


  1. Oh that bottom picture is just the sweetest! Well, except for the fact that Elmo is getting his eyeball poked out. ;-)

  2. Adorable. My boy is systemically immune to the 'clean up' song. He sees it as his cue to start destroying any room I am attempting to tidy so I envy you!

  3. A doctor wearing stripper shoes..... awesome imagery!!!!

    Good luck with the renovations!

  4. In the photo, the shoes look like ribbon candy. You've got a fantastic little sidekick there.

  5. Love the diaper earring! That's definitely going to be a trend.

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