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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pippipalooza 2011: The Party Girl

This week, we'll be celebrating Pippi's birthday. All week -- because you're only three once, right?

We had a pool party with friends yesterday -- not your typical February party, but it was indoors in a nicely warmed pool. Pippi twirled around in her new ballerina swim suit and thoroughly enjoyed life at the exact center of the universe. Tomorrow, we'll party at gymnastics. On Wednesday, we'll party at preschool. On Thursday, it's a holiday! And Friday, well, I'm sure we'll find another way to celebrate.

So in honor of her third year, I'll be writing three-item Pippi posts. She may be a second child, but I'm still trying to give her equal billing with J-Fest 2010.

Today's topic: Three things I love to hear from the Pip
  1. Singing: This girl sings. All the time. It's kind of a problem at church because she keeps on singing after the song is over, then grins as her solo floats up into the Cathedral. But I love listening to her sing in the car, in the bath, in her bed, in the grocery store. She sings songs from school, songs from our CDs, songs she makes up as she goes along. Sometimes she sings a little narration along with whatever she's doing, like her own operatic recitative. I often wonder how old she'll be when she stops -- I hope it's not any time soon.
  2. Laughing: If the power plan discovered by Sully and Mike in Monsters, Inc. actually worked, we could power all of Midtown off Pippi's laugh. I try to take video clips of her while I'm tickling her just so I can play back the sound on a bad day. Even as a baby, she had this whole repertoire of laughs -- and I never get tired of hearing them.
  3. Voicemail: Once in a blue moon, Pippi leaves me a voicemail. She says, "Hi Mommy. I was just calling to tell you I love you. Okay, bye! See you later." I got one of those messages today while I was at work. Totally melts my heart. Then I save it, so I can melt again.
A singing, laughing girl who leaves mushy voicemail messages. She's going to continue to be popular at parties, isn't she?


  1. Happy birthday to her! She's just adorable!


  2. Give her 10 years...then you'll have to watch out for the boys!!


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