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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Small Treasures

This post is for Brenna at Suburban Snapshots. She's trapped inside due to the "SNOWMAGEDDOPOCALYPSTROPHE" and has asked for a peek inside at some of the small treasures that make us happy. And by "treasures," she means objects -- because, of course, my children would be the most important small treasures in my home. Especially when they're napping. Ahem.

Anywho, because I aspire to be as cool a blogger as Brenna, I'm shamelessly copying her polaroid-style photo collage with one of my own. It was a little tricky finding my five items because so much of my stuff is packed away during the renovation, but here are some things in my house that make me happy.

  • A mug from my friend B, featuring a photo of her beautiful family in camouflage. The joke is less funny when when I explain it, so trust me when I tell you this is hilarious.
  • A framed piece of school art from Junius when he was three. It's a self-portrait, and the yarn does an admirable job of emulating his floufy hair.
  • My grandmother's Duncan Phyfe sofa, which I had reupholstered in red corduroy. Perhaps not the expected fabric for an antique sofa, but I love the contrast.
  • A glass star, one of three that hang in my kitchen window. They were gifts from my husband and make a lovely view to the backyard..
  • A sampling of my books, recently unpacked into our new shelves. I always feel better with my books around. And yes, two of those are dictionaries.


  1. Thanks for joining in!
    Dictionaries make me SO HAPPY.

  2. Love it! The close ups are great and there's nothing like yarn for hair!

  3. I LOVE that sofa, the color is perfection. I think I'll look at your sofa to get the happies. Thanks for posting, and how did you do your pics?

  4. I'm very impressed with Junius's 3-year-old artwork! All I ever get is brown. Big heavy papers full of brown. L just adds more and more and more paint. They all look the same and I throw them all out. The sofa is awesome!


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