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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pippipalooza 2011: The Official Announcement

When Pippi was born, her father (being a true PR man) wrote and distributed another brilliant press release announcing the big event. I've changed the names to reflect those used on this blog (in place of our surnamed "company," MCL stands for My Convertible Life), but I just had to post it here, three years after it's initial release. Apologies for the repeat to those of you who saw it the first time around. Happy birthday, Pippi -- we love you!

MCL Establishes Women's Line, Launches Pippi Punkin Brand

February 23, 2008

Greensboro, N.C. – MCL announced today the creation of a women's lifestyle division focusing on female infant and toddler mystique. The announcement was capped with the introduction of its newest brand, Pippi Punkin.

The Pippi Punkin brand is a refreshing break from the crowded tiny tot market adding brilliance, color and burp to even the most casual of daily activities. MCL already dominates the boys' toddler lifestyle market with its wildly popular Junius brand, introduced in summer 2005.

"Pippi Punkin is a powerful, progressive brand bringing inspiration and action to the infant and toddler world. She's on-trend and off the charts – we're excited to watch her grow," said Daddy, partner and co-founder of MCL.

The Pippi Punkin brand is distinguished by brown wavy hair, slender fingers and a slightly curved crease just below the bottom lip. The new brand will draw from the strong MCL heritage with a point of view that's radical, sincere and fun.

The name represents a combination of MCL family names. Her first name was a great aunt in her mother's line, and her middle name is a derivative of her father's maternal family name. Her first name means "clear, bright, famous," while her middle name means "one who uses a cart." The firm expects to the brand to become an archetype for smart, trendy female celebrities who like to shop.

Dr. KR, of OB-GYN Associates, consulted on the development of the brand and led all launch party planning and activities. A superior team of nurses and medical professionals provided tactical assistance, support and high quality pharmaceuticals throughout the day.

"Pippi Punkin is the perfect complement to our well-established Junius brand. We've worked hard to build a reputation as innovators in the infant and toddler market, producing quirky kids filled with personality and charm," added Mommy, partner and co-founder.

Pippi Punkin was launched at Hospital on February 22, 2008, at 11:25 a.m. Delivered by a well-planned and well-executed Caesarian procedure, she weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces and measured 19.25 inches long. MCL was formed in 2001 with the merger of Convertible Girl and the Spin PhD.

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  1. I totally LOVE this idea and might have to "borrow" it when Squoosh is born. Would your husband be offended?

  2. Erin - I would be flattered - thanks ;)

  3. So great! I'm kind of peeved that I just got some photo announcement at Costco. Fail.

    Happy Birthday, Pippi!


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