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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pippipalooza 2011: Her Own Way

Since I was a kid, people have always commented on how much I look like my mom. When I hear that today, I consider it a compliment. But as a teen-ager, I never knew how to respond. I think it bothered me because I was trying so hard to be me -- whatever the hell that was supposed to be -- and didn't want to be seen as a duplicate of my mother.

Now that I'm a mom, I love when people say that Pippi looks like me. She doesn't really -- she looks a lot more like her brother and her father -- but given that she's stop-in-your-tracks beautiful, it's still nice to hear.

What surprises me more than the fact that she doesn't look like me is that she doesn't act like me in a lot of ways. At age three, she's already more independent and confident than I was (or maybe am) growing up.

Today's Topic: Three Ways Pippi's Her Own Girl
  1. Tiger Lily: Lately we've been watching the stage version of Peter Pan (with former gymnast Cathy Rigby -- don't judge, it's actually very sweet) over and over again. I remember identifying with Wendy Darling as a kid, and even today I'm probably more like her mothering character than any other in the story. Pippi's favorite? Tiger Lily, who in this version is a toned-muscle, dancing machine and fearless leader of her tribe.
  2. Lead singer: When my husband and I met, one of the random things we discovered in common was our secret desire to be back-up singers. For me, at least, I'd rather not be front and center -- but still get a sparkly outfit and some fun choreography. Pippi's preference? She wants the lead microphone. Or if not that one, she wants the mic at the drum set -- she's already got a pretty rockin' "One, two, three, four!"
  3. Getting dressed: Junius wore whatever I put on him until he was at least four years old. Pippi? Notsomuch. For about a year now, she demands to choose her own outfit. Most days she insists on dresses (which I respect, being a dress fan myself), but usually temperature-inappropriate dress. As in, sleeveless sundress on a rainy 45-degree day -- and fighting me tooth and nail about putting on a shirt and leggings underneath. Today's outfit was at least weather-ready, but otherwise questionable -- the photo above is her at Juni's bus stop this afternoon. She's decked out in a striped dress (which is actually a 2-sizes-too-big nightgown), cowgirl boots (a given, most days), her "sport coat" (as she calls it) and her new umbrella. Oh, and six ponytails.
Now if we can just teach her to use all this independent energy for good and not evil...

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