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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Fling

daffodilWe all have our own signs of spring that we watch for -- warm breezes, trees in bloom, daffodils opening, violent allergic reactions to every little thing in the air.

This weekend, while temps were approaching 80 degrees in Raleigh (good-bye February!), I added a new favorite sign of spring to my list: The first Sunday of the year driving with the top down and all four of us in the car, the fresh scent of biscuits drifting up from our to-go bag, with everyone singing "Molly the Moose" at the top of our lungs.
Everybody wants feel the grass between their toes feel the sunshine on their nose taste the rain, to sniff the breeze live their life the way they please
Everybody wants to be free
A perfect Sunday for the Convertible Family -- and a perfect way to welcome spring!

Note: I couldn't find an audio clip to link to that actually plays this part of the song, but you can order the CD here. And you really should, because it's awesome.

photo credit to antaean

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  1. I'm beside myself thinking that our farmers' market will be open in just one month!


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