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Friday, July 9, 2010

J-Fest 2010: Blog Post Retrospective

We've had a very busy day today celebrating Junius's birthday with friends -- not much energy left for writing. In lieu of a new post, here are five of my favorite posts from last year about Junius... plus one to grow on:
  1. Baby Wants to Nurse (April 29, 2009): Junius tries breast-feeding.
  2. He Says It There and It Comes Out Here (June 14, 2009): Junius says funny things.
  3. Come to My Window (June 16, 2009): Junius discovers lightning bugs.
  4. Super Junius Strikes Back (July 17, 2009): Junius gets tough at the pool.
  5. The Days Are Long, But the Years Go By So Quickly (July 8, 2009): Junius turns four and makes Mommy sentimental.
  6. First of Many (Oct. 29, 2009): Junius hits more milestones.
Hope you enjoy the little trip down memory lane. Now get some rest -- being five is going to be busy.

Photo courtesy of Ms. B.

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