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Monday, January 24, 2011

Did I Make You Laugh?

One of the reasons I like blogging is that when my children do something awful (like smear poop all over the crib or dump parmesan cheese in the new carpet) or when I hear myself saying something ridiculous or when the man in front of me at church is fondling his wife's neck and stroking her cheek DURING MASS (for real, that actually happened two weeks ago, but never had time to write about it), I can immediately start rewriting the incident in my head as preparation for the next blog post.

I can only hope that this tendency (however desperate it may be) to take craziness and turn it into something we can all laugh about is what prompted Allison at Motherhood, WTF? to bestow upon me the One Freakin' Funny Blog Award. Given that I think her blog is hilarious (in addition to being honest and tough and sweet), I considered this award to be a great honor. You should also check out the great company I'm sharing on her list of Freakin' Funny blogs -- these ladies are awesome.

The one rule for this award is to pass it on to other funny blogs. I would have passed it on to some of the others on Allison's list (because seriously, they're hilarious), but instead I'll give you some new ones to check out. Not sure that these ladies consider themselves "humor bloggers," but they can sure make me laugh when they want to...
Congratulations, bloggers -- now share the funnies and go make us all laugh!


  1. You rock! It's always a compliment when someone calls you funny, huh? Thank you! And thank you for putting me in such great company. (Including you!)

  2. if the convertible girl says it's so, then it must be. congratualtions to all you rocking bloggers!


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