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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can Stephen Colbert Be Our New Superintendent?

In case you missed it, Wake County (where I live) is making headline news these days -- and not because of the crazy cold winter we're having (seriously, I am ready for spring NOW).

Sadly, all the national coverage focuses on the demise of our district's diversity policy and the mess that has ensued as the school board majority barrels their way back to so-called neighborhood schools. The latest items include a story in the Washington Post, a letter to the editor from U.S. Sec. of Education Arne Duncan, and now a featured spot on The Colbert Report (see video below).

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I love Stephen Colbert.

I just wish we could have recruited him to be our new superintendent when we still had a vacancy. Can you imagine how entertaining school board meetings would be?

If you want more soapboxing background on this issue, check out some of my older posts about our school system (in reverse chronological order):


  1. Excellent! Especially as a move back to Wake County is on our maybe, what if, to do list.

  2. I love Colbert--hate that they are messing up something that works!!!


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