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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Swim Suit

Did I mention we're going to the beach this weekend? Can you tell I'm excited? It's going to be a lovely time, even if it means dealing with my body-image issues around swim wear.

That's fodder for a longer post when I have time to write about it, but suffice it to say that (like a lot of women) I'm less than confident about how I look in a swim suit -- especially after two babies. It's not that I think I look terrible, but there are plenty of things I would change.

One thought that helps me feel better is this photo. It was taken this same weekend beach trip four years ago. I was 35 weeks pregnant with Junius and could no longer wear my wedding bands or fit in a booth at a restaurant (no really, we had to wait until a regular table opened up). People up and down the beach were setting 911 on their phones because I was so huge it looked like I might go into labor at any moment. As it turned out, I stayed pregnant another seven weeks. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Truthfully, being pregnant in a swim suit was strangely liberating. I love the big, round maternity belly -- it made me feel powerful ("I'm constructing an entire human being -- what are YOU doing?"). Plus it was the only time I didn't feel compelled to suck in my belly. In fact, I wore a bikini at the beach when I was (4 months) pregnant with Pippi and felt nearly exotic.

But given that I'm not pregnant this year, I'm dealing with the body I have. And no matter how many nips and tucks I'd like to take before heading out on the beach, at least I know I'm about 50 pounds lighter now than I was in that picture.


  1. will be a dream in anything you wear! Plus, you have a long neck and great rhymed!

  2. Oh, that's fantastic! Now I'm really sorry I didn't get a pool picture last month!

  3. Girl, I wouldn't have even thought about getting in a bathing suit when I was super pregnant and am having serious doubts about ever getting in one again :o) You look great in that picture! I truly was a blimp when I went into labor I had gained almost 70 pounds, gulp. When I went back for my 6 week check up I had lost 3 - yeah, somehow after 8 lbs of baby came out I still gained. Almost 1 year later I'm 10 lbs from my comfort zone. My envious abs are not that envious anymore, though I still see 2 of the six pack I used to have. It's really hard to adjust to the complete body transformation. But we are all harder on ourselves than anyone else is. You look great and have fun!!!

  4. I'll sit next to you at the pool all summer, so you'll look awesome.

  5. Ugh, I hear you on that one. Last year I felt like I had an excuse because Sam was only 3+ months old. :)

    I think that photo of you is super cute.

  6. That's a GREAT photo. You look fab and healthy and I'm sure you look great even now!


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