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Monday, May 4, 2009

National Teacher Day

In addition to being Cinco de Mayo (in case you needed an excuse for a Corona), Tuesday is also National Teacher Day and part of Teacher Appreciation Week. As a community service message for my former colleagues, I'd like to take this opportunity to say two things:
  1. You really don't have to buy anything for your teachers (most of them don't need another apple-shaped coffee mug, unless it comes loaded with a Starbucks gift card). But bringing in some flowers from your yard or a container of cookies is always a nice idea.

  2. Teaching is a rough job, and it's really easy for a teacher to get overwhelmed by the bad things and forget about the good things. If there's a teacher in your life -- past or present -- who had a positive impact, take a few minutes today to let him or her know.
I was a high school teacher for four years -- it was, in some ways, as exhausting and incredible as being a parent. Now that I've been out of teaching for nearly a decade (where does the time go?!), I have special memories (and occasional nightmares) of my time in the classroom. I also still have treasured notes from former students and their parents (including my signed yearbooks) that remind me of the good things I did while I was there.

So for National Teacher Day 2009, give a teacher a good memory instead of a mug.


  1. Thank you and I appreciate you is that kind of unexpected slap on the back (not in the face) that brightens all of our days. Be generous with those , they cost us very little and are very valuable and important to the recipient.
    PS Don't Don't forget the Corona just for the heck of it and Cinco de Mayo, Aprile, Junio,Julio,---deciembre 2010 etc

  2. Your Word of the Day is fantastic for Cinco De Mayo AND Teacher Appreciation Day.

    One of the best gifts I received from a parent (not during TAWeek) was a cup of coffee. When he stopped at the coffee shop to pick up his morning brew, he got a 2nd one just for me. That probably cost him around $2 but really showed thoughtfulness.



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