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Monday, May 25, 2009

New Music Monday: The Beach

My husband loves beach music. When we were planning our wedding, I think we spent as much time in shag lessons (the Southern dance version, not the Austin Powers British slang version) as we did in our marriage prep class -- and we looked awesome at the reception.

So given that today is a holiday and we're heading to the beach this weekend, it seemed appropriate to let him pick out today's new music. He calls this "Lookin' for Love - Beach music to move your feet, stir your soul and get you in the spirit of summertime." His only disclaimer is that there are few "pure beach music" albums, so the list is primarily compilations of R&B/beach music CDs. Of course, he also says that a compilation is just a professional mix tape, so that's not a bad thing.
Now I think I might have to go add Shag: The Movie to my Netflix list.

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