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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's Five: Baby Things

When I was pregnant with Junius, I made the obligatory trip to Babies 'R Us to set up a gift registry. I walked in, scanned the store from the doorway, turned around and walked back to my car. Totally overwhelmed. A few weeks later I went back with my neighbor (and mom of two, at the time), who kindly held my hand and showed me what I really needed and what to ignore.

And believe me, there's a LOT of stuff to ignore. But here are five things I wish I'd had when Juni was a baby -- some of them I discovered with Pippi, others I never got, and the list is probably different for every mommy.
  1. Ergo carrier: I used the Baby Bjorn with both of mine, which was great, but they got too big too quickly. This carrier (which I borrowed from a friend to use with Pip) is awesome. Goes on the front or back and holds up to 40 lbs (not that you'd want to be wearing anyone that heavy for very long). For several months, it was the only way I could get Pippi to take a nap, but it worked like a charm.

  2. Mally bibs: Invented by a mom (of course), these bibs are made of the same soft leather as Robeez-style shoes. You wipe it off, so no need for laundry -- and the clip is a magnet, so you just stick it on the fridge to dry. Genius and cute (see photo).

  3. Bumbo seat: I always saw these in stores and wondered about them, but never had one. Then my mom got one to use at her house and I was so sorry I hadn't bought one earlier. It's a great way to help a baby sit up when she can hold up her own head, but doesn't yet have the balance to sit on her own. Particularly nice to have for a second baby.

  4. Snap-in stroller frame: The "travel system" with the big stroller and infant car seat seemed like such a good idea, and I certainly got a lot of use out of mine. But in retrospect, I wish I'd gotten the lightweight stroller frame to use with the infant seat instead. Then, when your baby outgrows the infant seat, just get a nice umbrella-style stroller (I like this one) that is easier to use and takes up less space in the trunk.

  5. Pacie clips: I cannot count the number of times we lost Juni's pacifier. If only I had thought to get something to clip to his shirt. Thank goodness a friend sent an adorable pacie clip for Pippi when she was born. We used it so much it literally fell apart, so I ordered some new ones off Etsy -- whatever your style, someone makes a clip to match.
Note: As usual, no incentives were sent to entice me to write about these products. Apparently, despite the fact that *you* are reading my blog, the mommy-marketers haven't found me yet.


  1. Ah the Bumbo seat, I got one as a gift and was so excited to use it (they are so cool) until my child disagreed. She couldn't look at it without screaming - the second she was in there, she was trying to get out and clawing at the sides. Now it's just thrown in a closet. I would try and borrow one from a friend to see if they like it first. And the paci clips don't work with my girl either - God knows I wish they would - she has broken and/or almost choked (because she either gets the pacifier off of it or rips it off her clothes and then chews on the free end) on every single one I've tried. I gave up. Anything that might make my life a teensy bit easier she hates. I blame all of this on my husband's DNA of course! HA! :o)

  2. Yeah, I had a Bumbo. Looks very cute and cool, but neither of my kids stayed in it for more than a few minutes or so. The bouncy seat and boppy did the trick much better.

  3. I love those bibs! Wish they were a little less expensive. :)

    Cadence still sits in her Bumbo at least once a day. When she was younger she sat in it many times a day...definitely a lifesaver for us. I'm glad ours is green in case this next babe is a boy!

  4. These comments definitely get at an important point I should have added in the post: not all babies like the same thing, so borrow as much stuff as you can (particularly in the early days). Also, check consignment sales and shops so that at least you're not out the full price if your baby hates the thing your friends told you you HAD to have.


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