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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pile

If an archaeologist were digging through the layers on top of this dresser in our master bedroom, what could she learn about us...

  • The trash basket on the top shows we have small children who like to play with garbage.
  • Three shirts and one pair of corduroy pants say that mommy gets the laundry clean and folded, but hasn't figured out where daddy keeps all his clothes (and neither has he).
  • Next, the newspapers from President Obama's election and inauguration tell that we're Democrats -- but we have no system for saving memorabilia.
  • Below that, the framed storypeople print (previously hanging on the bathroom wall, but removed for painting and never returned) says we're good at starting projects, but not as good at finishing them.
  • The wadded up handful of receipts in front suggest purchases that might be returned, so we're saving them just in case.
  • The Thomas the Train library book on the corner was placed there by Junius, who thought we might want to read it at night.
  • The stack of daddy's birthday cards under the book shows he's sentimental enough to hang onto to the cards, but (again) no system for saving them.
  • And the knickknacks (candlestick, frosted bottle, etc.) don't fit, but currently don't have anywhere else to go -- another unfinished project.
All that in just one little stack. Sadly, our house is filled with piles, big and small. Everytime I tackle one, another one seems to pop up somewhere else.

What do your piles say about you?


  1. Hmmm....... my stacks are getting fewer and smaller. Generally says I like to do crafts and only have enough time to read magazines. However, if your husband was to talk to me about his "piles," I'd say he needs more fiber in his diet. (It's one of those family pun things.)

  2. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has piles --everywhere! I don't know if mine tell as lovely a story as yours, though!

  3. I have no piles since I'm an organizational freak. There is clutter but it's contained. That's the key, find some bins or nice decorative boxes and separate the stuff into general categories, tackle one box at a time when you have time. You should see my guest room closet - nothing but boxes of stuff to tackle someday :o) As always it's a work in progress!

  4. Cyndi: How about editing a book on this idea? GREAT IDEA. My pile upstairs has a new necklace from my MIL I don't want to put away yet, recs I have to fill out for a student, another student's paper to remind me to email someone plus a shirt I received for guest lecturing at a workshop last week....Hmmm...

  5. My piles say that I've been too many different sizes in the past 5 years. There is a pile of jeans ranging in sizes 10-16 by my bedroom door. And piles of other clothes all over. Don't know whether to keep or toss.

  6. My dresser is frighteningly similar to yours. I swear we have cards, political memorabilia, and a Thomas book up there right now. In addition I too have candles and other tchotchkes that have been shoved aside to make room for the junk that needs a home or at least to be out of L's reach. Sadly, the clothes atop the dresser are mine. I will soon need to lay claim to my husband's last remaining drawer so I have room for all of mine.


  7. OK, Cyndi, you should write a book on this topic. I would *so* buy it!


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