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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Car talk

Here's a puzzle for you...

Why is it that both of my kids can fall asleep in the middle of the day on the way back from the Farmer's Market (a 15-minute drive), but neither one of them even starts to doze off on the hour-plus drive home from the grandparents' at bedtime?

Must be some sort of toddler conspiracy. They know I want to use the quiet time in the car to talk to friends, so they just keep talking to me. And talking. And talking. And talking. And talking. Mixed in with some crying. And a little whining. And more talking.

Thank goodness we're home.


  1. it IS a conspiracy---worldwide...same thing goes for 'mom...I need to use the potty' after you just stopped...

  2. I was on the phone this morning with my best friend (and mom of 3 - 2 of which are toddlers) and she was basically saying the same thing. Mine hasn't started talking yet, but she does do quite a bit of babbling and shrieking if she thinks I'm concentrating a bit too much on the road and not on her :o)


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