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Monday, April 13, 2009

New Music Monday for Kids

It's our last day of preschool spring break, so this morning's "New Music Monday" lineup is a kid-friendly one. As many of you have probably already discovered, there's a wide range of kids' music out there, from sappy and annoying to hilarious and rockin. Thankfully, we've managed to find plenty of discs that the whole family loves.

Pippi is napping now so we're taking a break, but here's what we've been dancing to since breakfast:

  • Buzz Buzz by Laurie Berkner: If your kids watch Noggin, you've probably seen/heard Laurie Berkner and her band. All-around great music for dancing and playing, including original tracks and traditional songs. "Pig on Her Head" and "Monster Boogie" are fun favorites.

  • Why Can't I Have Ice Cream by Big Bang Boom: We discovered this band live at the Greensboro Children's Museum and have been groupies ever since. The music rocks, plus it's so fun to be able to take the kids to a show. And you can even book BBB for your next birthday party and be the coolest parents in the neighborhood.

  • Old MacDonald's EIEI Radio by The Biscuit Brothers: We found the Biscuit Brothers on our PBS Kids channel early one Sunday morning and would definitely be groupies if we lived in Texas. Since we don't, we've settled for recreating the show at home with the CD and lots of parades. Teach your kids about musical instruments and terms with a fun soundtrack and plenty of banjo.

  • The Teasing Bird and Other Stories by Ira Marlowe: I'm not sure I've ever heard this whole CD because Juni just asks to hear "Molly the Moose" and the title track over and over again (both of which are great for singing along). This CD combines a broad range of styles, from reggae to rock to techno, complete with jokes for the parents and important lessons for the kids. And you just can't go wrong with a song about a moose who hitchhikes because she's too big for the subway.

  • Jazz for Kids: Sing, Clap, Wiggle and Shake by various artists: Grandpa sent us this winner, which introduces your kids to jazz music by such greats at Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Prima. You haven't really heard "Old MacDonald" until you've heard Ella belt it out. And your kids will love singing about chickens and potato chips.
There you have it. Five discs, and not one involves a purple dinosaur telling me he loves me. Thank goodness.

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